Business Research Services

CredVal supports Global Enterprises, Consulting Firms, PE and VC Firms, Law Firms and other entities with quick, accurate and insightful answers to critical questions on markets, competition, business risk assessment, customers, supply chain and innovation

Our clients engage us for a range of customized research needs, many of them are complex in nature such as market analysis, feasibility reports or business plans. Our services also includes a full-time virtual resource to support recurring business research needs or have a time sensitive one-off project – through flexible engagement models, we work on both small and large assignments for our clients with turnaround times ranging from a few hours for urgent requests, to a few weeks for complex projects.

Our Team is having expertise in the following sectors:-

Aerospace & Defense
Pharma & Medical Devices
Alternate Energy & Fuels
Electronics & IT
Media & Entertainment
Automobiles & Auto Parts
Food & Beverages
Metals & Mining
Travel & Tourism
Banking & Financial Services

Investment Research Services

CredVal supports analysts, investment managers and bankers with high quality financial research that is customized and cost-effective, through flexible engagement models. By taking on repetitive and data-intensive research tasks, we enable our clients to focus on frontend, revenue generation and client management activities.
We provide customized investment research services that include equity research outsourcing, financial research outsourcing, economic research outsourcing and analytical support across asset classes, markets and client segments. Every research assignment is exclusively developed and delivered to suit each client’s specific needs.

CredVal is supporting expansion of research coverage on-demand, helping clients identify new investment ideas or saving bankers’ time for deal-making; it works as an extension of clients’ teams. With analysts having advanced degrees and varied experience, strong compliance and data security policies, and a proven delivery system, we jointly design scalable yet flexible engagement models with our clients.