We understand that navigating through challenging times and turning around a struggling business can be a complex and demanding task. That’s why we offer our specialized expertise to help guide you through the process. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. From strategic planning and financial analysis to operational restructuring and stakeholder management, we are here to support your organization every step of the way.

Preparation of Business Plan

Our team assists in developing credible business plans for various turnaround options, accurately quantifying their financial implications. These business plans are carefully crafted, incorporating detailed operational and strategic plans. In formulating corporate restructuring plans, we consider the interests of all classes of creditors.

Investor Marketing Documents (IMD/IM)

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Claims Management

Our experienced team collects, processes, and maintains an official register of incoming claims from creditors, ensuring an auditable trail for each claim. Using our in-house IT platform, creditors can easily file their claims, while our team analyzes them to determine the admitted amount and nature of liability. Our system also generates customized reports as needed throughout the restructuring process.

Restructuring Support

Our highly experienced team specializes in multiple facets of the restructuring process. We provide assistance with independent business reviews, cash flow management, monthly operating report preparation, formulation of investor documents and reports for creditors, compliance support, and claim distribution processes