Goodwill impairment analysis, pursuant to ASC 350 (formerly, FAS 142) often involves deep understanding of intangibles, in addition to business valuation whereas valuation of intangibles requires significant multiple-disciplinary knowledge and extensive domain experience. Having performed business combination assignments across diverse industry sectors, CredVal’s valuation experts understand the complexities involved in valuing intangible assets and goodwill.
ASC 350 requires a detailed determination of the fair value of a reporting unit performed annually, provided there is no indication of adverse change in the value and it falls below the carrying value for a reporting unit. However, due to change in the circumstances, if the fair value of a reporting unit falls below its carrying amount, the Goodwill shall be required to be tested for impairment between the annual tests.
Our practice areas and capabilities coupled with our strong credentials in business valuations uniquely position us to provide high quality advisory services for intangibles valuation. Our comprehensive appraisal reports go beyond mere documentation and bring analytical insights.