CredVal provides in-depth analysis and fairness opinions on a wide range of transactions. Working with a wide range of clients including companies, boards of directors and shareholder appointed committees, CredVal execute valuations across diverse industry sectors involving complex situations and transaction structures.

  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Related party or affiliate transactions
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Management buy-outs and divestitures
  • Going-private transactions
  • Leveraged buy-outs

A fairness opinion provides assurance and an unbiased view on the key parameters of a transaction to the both parties involved. This is especially valuable, in situations of potential conflict of interest between the parties, for instance between a company’s board of directors and its shareholders.
While every business and transaction is unique, we follow a highly disciplined analytical framework structured across following elements:

  • Conducting in-depth financial due diligence on the company to gain a complete understanding of its business and financial aspects as well terms and conditions of the transaction
  • Extensive secondary research on industry involving thorough assessment of business and strategic environment for each of the company’s target markets to evaluate all risk and return drivers
  • Conducting valuation of the company, and/or its underlying securities, by employing the most appropriate and time-tested valuation methodologies
  • Analysis to evaluate other potential alternative transaction structures
  • Delivering a comprehensive, well documented and insightful fairness opinion report that can withstand scrutiny of the highest standards

CredVal’s multi-disciplinary and complementary practice lines in business research, extensive domain experience across industry sectors coupled with our credentials in business valuation uniquely position us as a trusted advisor for providing high quality, independent and cost-effective fairness opinions