Buyer & Seller Transaction Support
To cater to the needs of complex M&A deals in today’s global economy, our research and transaction analytics services help clients focus on the core priorities of the deal. Our services help both buyers and sellers maximize value and minimize risk in any transaction. We assist a diverse set of clients including small to mid-size privately-held businesses, private equity and venture capital firms as well as boutique and mid-market investment banks across all stages of a deal life-cycle.

Buyer Services
Assist private equity and corporate clients to evaluate key value drivers and risk factors associated with potential targets, enabling them to:

  • Gain understanding of key trends and patterns in the target business by analyzing its historical performance.
  • Financial due diligence to evaluate the quality of the target business’ historical earnings and cash flow.
  • Assess the likelihood of target’s business achieving financial forecasts
  • Analyze the quality of assets of target’s business
  • Evaluate working capital patterns and identify areas for mitigating working capital levels post closure.
  • Identify key financial and tax reporting risks and capture the impact of accounting and valuation provisions in post transaction financial models

Seller Services
Identify and proactively address concerns from buyer’s perspective to ensure hassle-free & timely completion of due-diligence process
Develop investor presentations, pitchbook / information memorandum

  • Analyze historical financial statements, quality of revenue, earnings and cashflow
  • Build financial models, after identifying and critically evaluating key value drivers
  • Identify potential concern areas from point of view of prospective buyer prior to buyer’s due-diligence process
  • Determine valuation range and assist in other activities including deal structuring, capital structure planning, negotiation and closing.

CredVal’s team comprises of professionals with strong business insight and advanced qualifications in finance, accounting, tax, valuation and intellectual property research. We draw and combine resources from all of our practices to devise a robust approach and develop value-enhancing solutions tailored for each transaction. Our valuation services team has extensive experience of dealing with complex capital and transaction structures, terms sheets, purchase agreements, and can assist in the transactions in an effective manner