CredVal provides intangible valuation services for reporting M&A transactions under IFRS 3. We leverage our multi-disciplinary capabilities in intellectual property (IP), business research and valuation to produce defensible value opinions.
IFRS 3 standard requires companies to allocate purchase cost of business combination into various identifiable tangible as well as intangible assets at their fair value. The excess of purchase consideration over such identifiable assets is allocated to goodwill, which now needs to be tested for impairment under IAS 36 at least annually instead being amortizedValuing intangibles such as technology patents, customers, trademarks, brands, non-compete agreements often require technical knowledge about IP and in depth understanding of businesses across technology or innovation-led industry sectors. Our team of valuation and intellectual property professionals combine their skills and knowledge to execute assignments for valuing intangible assets, both under IFRS 3 and US GAAP standards.