CredVal assist clients in providing Machinery & Equipment Valuation across various range of asset types and Industries. Our professionals produce sophisticated, supportable, and timely valuations for corporations, financial institutions, accounting firms, and law firms.
We have worked across various industries including Automobile & Auto Ancillary, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Cement & Construction, Consumer Goods, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Iron & Steel, Logistics, Metals & Mining, Manufacturing & Engineering, Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Real Estate, Telecom, Information Technology & Electronics, Textile & Leather and Cables etc.
Valuation of plant and machinery is highly complex in nature as our practice caters to a wide spectrum of industries each having plant and machinery with its own inherent characteristics. Among the issues to be considered in the valuation of plant and machinery are the specific utility or usefulness of industrial property, its contribution to the production of goods and services for which it is designed and deployed.
It also covers estimation in monetary terms the worth of the plant and machinery in existing use or their contribution to the profitability of the business after considering the market situation or standard of maintenance.
Our team has excellent worldwide delivery capabilities across various industry segments. In every area of our operations we work hard to deliver the highest possible level of customer care, the best value for money and the most appropriate solutions all backed by the drive, innovative imagination and resourcefulness
Our Machinery and Equipment Valuation services include:

  • Purchase Price Allocations (“PPA’s” – ASC 805, IFRS 3, IRC 1060)
  • Asset Impairment (ASC 350 /360, IAS 36)
  • “Fresh Start” Accounting (ASC 852)
  • Due Diligence – possible purchase / sale of a business and / or its tangible assets
  • Federal Tax Planning (IRC 704(c), 861/864(e))
  • State and Local Tax Planning (Ad Valorem property tax issues)
  • Insurance Placement (insurable replacement costs)
  • Financing / Leasing (asset based lending/collateral financing)Internal Planning / Management Consulting
  • Cost Segregation Studies